MINISTRY OF ANIMATION:                                                                                                                        Joke and Valere are the Ministry. Together they have produced some wonderful children as well as a prodigious amount of animation. Working in TV and Features across story-board, animation, lay-outs, compositing, and special effects. TV credits include "Franklin",  "Papillion & Mamillion", "Large Family"  and on features, "Little Hippo" and Mattotti's "Pinocchio".  Valère directed the TV-show Nelly & Caesar (52x6) for Disney Channel. And they have directed numerous adverts and TV spots.  They directed the pilot for "Zoli& Pouet" as well as "The Panic Show". And their two short films, "Hot-Dog" (VAF) and "The Bare Wolf" (Folimage,ONF, Canal+) have won numerous awards.
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